About TheGangstarTY

Who is TheGangstarTY?

I am a gamer known for my skills in computing and participation in certain communities, including YouTube. Whilst I enjoy to play games in my spare time, I also don't mind QA Testing and reviewing any sort of game, mod or any other product of that sort, whether it's confidential or public. I have had lots of experience around these areas. I enjoy learning about Computers in general, ranging from Desktops, All-in-Ones, Laptops, Portable Devices or Games Consoles.

I love video games since it's always made me enjoy myself and I've had great fun meeting different people throughout the years, despite some experiences being considered hostile, I've even enjoyed those moments looking back on it. It's a great way to blow off steam (no pun intended) and has even taught me some things here and there. I especially enjoy Strategy games, turn-based or RTS, since I love games that really test your brain and put hard choices on you to make you feel bad, no matter what you choose. That's also why RPGs come in close. However my all-time favourite game series doesn't even come close to these two Genres. 

My favourite game is definitely Star Wars Battlefront (1 and 2) by Pandemic. I've played Star Wars Battlefront since 2005 when my parents bought it for me on the PS2, along with Star Wars Battlefront 2 being gifted to me in 2006.


What are you good at?

Currently, I am experienced with Bug Testing (formally known as QA Testing) and Reviewing. In the past I have enjoyed searching for holes in products and I have seen many in the process. Along with my reports, I usually review the product on what I've seen so far. This is an in depth review rather than a brief one and I do review the final product too.

Recently I've become more fluent with modding, more specifically I have been making Maps for games and mods which includes XML code too. I enjoyed working on these so far as it has been something new to try and has a lot more to it than expected. As much as bugs can be a joy kill, I do find satisfaction in finding the cause and fixing them.

On the side I do know a fair bit of editing and camera work. Some from pure experience, other from educational courses. However there is lots to learn on this topic. I am comfortable with recording game footage and uploading with basic editing. As for camera work, that's a different story for another time.

To add, I've been learning the Unity engine very recently, hoping to move onto game development considering I'm getting more comfortable around editing code. More specifically I wish to look into C# and add my map making skills.

When it comes to Computing, I have a lot of knowledge and experiences which I wish not to elaborate on... yet. Excluding that which has already been mention, I also know; Networking, Programming (HTML, XML, Python), Computer Hardware, Encryption etc...